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The client
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Zest is Cayman’s premier food delivery service. Offering healthy pre-prepared meals and custom meal kits to the Cayman Islands, Zest creates original meals using the freshest ingredients.
The challenge
When Zest came to us, they ran a very simple Shopify store. However, they needed something less limiting, which would free up the time they usually spent each month to update their products and handle sales.

They also knew they needed better menus to run and manage a subscription business that would automatically renew while providing excellent customer service.
The solution
We created an online destination that users enjoyed browsing when starting their meal planning, whether looking for chef-curated kits or pre-made fitness-focused meals.

On this new website, users could also visualize their at-home meal experience the moment they landed on the page.

But why stop at visualizing? With an efficient custom-built meal kit subscription platform, we made dinner time fun, healthy and easy with subscriptions that auto-renewed, but that you could also ‘pause’ should you need a week off.
The website
This was an entire rebuild of the whole website and e-commerce store. We create a complete customized solution fit for ZEST’s needs using WordPress custom development from the ground up.

Back of house, we also created a customized kitchen management system built around three core elements that tracked the entire journey from ordering ingredients to the final delivery at someone’s front door.
Zest Website examples
Food costs and purchasing being the most significant expense for the business, we focused on reducing waste and creating operational efficiencies for the team.

Following this through, we built a really cool procurement feature that calculates the exact number of items and quantities needed for the Zest team for the week ahead, all based on the items that have been ordered online.

Now, when the ZEST kitchen team presses one button, they have the complete and exact shopping list needed for the week ahead. Then they go get the exact ingredients required, prep, and provide customers with the convenience of not needing to grocery shop.
Zest website example 2
The final stage of the process was to ensure the delivery drivers knew every order, where they were being delivered to and could close out the entire process of each customer order.
Zest Website Example 3
Email & automation
Automation is the lifeblood of e-commerce and should do the work of a full-time salesman by constantly triggering communication to customers. Talking to the right customers at the right time with the right message unlocks sales otherwise left untouched.

We designed, coded and automated over 60 complete email automation sequences to improve the customer experience. Each email had a measurable return, from emailing each customer individual recipe cards the morning of their delivery to six-month win back automations aimed at winning back customers who stopped shopping with Zest.
Zest email automation
From paper to practice
With a full inbound marketing strategy created, we set about creating eye-catching imagery and video to catch attention at every step of the customer journey.

Videos like the one below help support PPC campaigns, turning casual browsers into regular customers of the meals.
Analytics & reporting
We became obsessed with ROI for Zest, and so we built custom real-time reporting dashboards that tracked ROAS, ROI and forecasted profit hooking up with Google Tag Manager, Metorik, WooCommerce, and our PPC Campaigns. With these dashboards providing the backbone of monthly KPI reports, we provided strategic recommendations to the team to help Zest grow as a business.
An example report with charts
The result
  • In the first 12 months of working together sales are up over 360%
  • 517% increase in traffic and a 600% increase in users on the website
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Silver Addy for
"Web Design, Consumer Website"
Website of the Year, 2022
Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association
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