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Every website hosted with AirVu Media is carbon-neutral. Sign up below and learn how to make your website faster, more secure, and more accessible with a comprehensive environmental strategy that reduces our impact today and invests in the future.
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What you get

Top tier hosting
that's carbon neutral

Working with a premium host, each and every website we work with is carbon neutral as standard. We work with transparent and trustworthy partners to offset your emissions making sure all of our clients are leading the fight against climate change.

Real time audits with smart solutions

We track where the resources that make up your website come from (for example widgets and plugins) and check renewable levels. If your renewables aren't looking good we come up with smart ways to combat that.

No more green-washing

Once we identify what to offset, we partner with an organisation that goes beyond planting trees by also funding projects that make a real difference in reducing greenhouse gases. Projects include using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile, Solar power generation and small scale onshore wind in India.

Hosting with us is...

Lightning fast

With unmetered bandwidth, your hosting can scale instantly to meet traffic spikes and surges as you grow. Remember, the faster the site, the lower your carbon emissions.


With a free SSL certificate on every site, perform monthly security checks, malware checks and plugin updates, your site is in safe hands.


Lightning-fast, reliable site performance, nightly back-ups and maximum uptime.


Hosting for the world and for you. Being carbon neutral, means you're having a positive impact on the planet.

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