This year Zest Meals, won a SILVER Addy. Here's how.

Zest Meals website: the story behind the Addy

Mar 10, 2022
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We did it again! This year, we pulled it out of the bag for our clients, Zest Meals, by building them a website that won a SILVER Addy courtesy of the 2022 Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) American Advertising Awards (AAA) and is a verified ROI machine!

Here's a little more about the website and how it came together.

The origins

When Zest came to us, they ran a straightforward Shopify store for their chef-curated meal kits and pre-prepared meals in Cayman.

However, they needed something less limiting to free up the time spent each month to update their products and handle sales. Zest knew that if they freed up their time, they could grow their business and concentrate on what they loved most, making delicious meals convenient.

On top of refining their e-commerce management, Zest also wanted a better way to manage subscriptions.

The solution

From the very start, this has been a partnership. Our team is part of the Zest family and fully committed to growing the company. The open relationship we cultivated with Zest helped us have honest conversations and track ROI from day one.

Their improved ROI started with a new site, migrated to WooCommerce. We created a complete customised solution fit for Zest’s needs using WordPress custom development from the ground up.

Subscriptions on Woo-Commerce can sometimes seem challenging to design for those new to the platform, but our development team created a super slick process for customers and staff. This included a customised kitchen management system built around three core elements.

  1. Procurement
  2. Fulfilment
  3. Delivery

The website tracked the entire journey from ordering ingredients to the final delivery to a customer’s front door.

Given that food costs are often the most significant expense for businesses of this nature, we focused on reducing waste and creating efficiencies through automation. Once the kitchen team is ready to go shopping they simply print an exact shopping list based on each dish that customers have purchased that week. The result is reduced waste, reduced time to prepare, and reduced food cost.

The icing on the cake

We weren't done with just a website. We also created an end-to-end marketing strategy that included emails, social media, and pay-per-click ads.

Zest meals now have a series of cool email automations that talk to the right people at the right time (from meal reminders to abandoned carts). We designed and coded over 60 sequences. Emails now make up around 30% of revenue for the team and act as a salesperson 24/7.

On top of this, the Zest team now knows the exact value in sales any custom email design has for them. So they're not guessing when it comes to their marketing strategy.

Are you really that geeky?

Zest allowed our team to dig deep into data and unleash our wild side when it comes to nerding-out. So, yes, we are that geeky.

We created real-time and automated reports to forecast profit and hook into useful tools like Google Tag Manager. All of this meant we could accurately calculate how much every single user action was worth to the company (down to the average value of a pageview).

Where can I learn more?

We have a more detailed page on Zest here.

Can you do this for me?

Sure! Just get in touch, and we can scope out an award-winning website and ROI machine for you.

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Amy Hayward
An expert in putting the wheels on the inbound marketing machine, Amy helps clients achieve their goals with social media & PPC campaigns, SEO, websites, user-centric strategies, and detailed reporting.
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