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A loyalty program designed to retain existing customers, attract new customers and drive profits resulting in an increase in on-location purchases by 15%
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The client
Market Street Group is the largest restaurant enterprise in the Cayman islands with 15 unique restaurant concepts, representing 20 diverse and catering services. They believe in more than just great food. They believe in great experiences.
The challenge
With many different restaurant brands under one roof, Market Street Group needed a unified strategy and a means to promote their businesses in an efficient manner with the end goal of increasing business/revenue. They were also looking for a way to measure how the marketing budget was returning revenue and how overall marketing efforts were performing.
The solution
We developed an all-new rewards-based loyalty program that integrated across the entire group creating both a unified communication platform and, more importantly, a means to interact with their large customer base on a personalised level.

The Bite Club loyalty program launched in 2020, including a web solution integrating directly to restaurants point of sale systems. In 2021, an iOS and android app was released to allow for cross-promotion of events, menus, and more. Customers could collect and redeem points in any of the restaurants.
The Brand
Very quickly into the business goals and discovery workshop process, we identified that a common brand for the loyalty program would help consumers understand they could earn and spend points in any one of 20 locations in the Cayman Islands. A new brand was developed to breathe life into the diverse range of restaurant brands, and to allow one single point of management for the group.
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The Bite Club website serves as a cornerstone – providing information about the loyalty program, all 15 venues, and crucially capturing organic search traffic in the Cayman Islands. With lightning-fast load speeds and heavily optimised pages, for many, this website is their first interaction with the loyalty program.

On top of this, the site allows users to reserve tables in any one of the venues for future dates. In 2022 we also introduced e-commerce to the site, allowing customers to book tickets for events.
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Our strategy revolves around the app, which is the main point of interaction with customers of Market Street Group restaurants.

Inside of the app, customers can view their loyalty points balance, up and coming events, restaurant menus and special offers. With app-users Market Street Group are able to target personalised push notifications and SMS messages to boost sales and reservations in selected venues. Loyalty points can also be given out to elite members of the program on an individual basis, or automatically offered at events inside of the restaurants.

In 2022 we will be launching in-app food ordering through a system that talks directly to the restaurant’s POS. The kitchen will be able to prepare this food in advance while seamlessly offering reward points and post-purchase sales follow-ups that result in more revenue.
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Along with the inception of the app and website, a series of newsletter campaigns were created to promote the various locations and upcoming events throughout the year. Bite Club emails allowed an avenue for each brand to connect directly with their consumers on a whole new level. These emails were beautifully crafted and custom coded from scratch. The results of good email marketing spoke for itself, with contact numbers doubling in six months.
Bite Club Email automation CraftBite Club Email Automation
Tracking monthly KPIs, part of the Bite Club solution was in providing real time analytics that could track back to ROI. Every penny spent on marketing, development, and PPC was traceable back to revenue in the restaurants through a series of dashboard hookups with Google Analytics, Firebase, and the POS system.

In providing monthly KPI reports, server loyalty sign up reports, and quarterly marketing strategies, we were able to offer Market Street Group the best bang for their buck.
An example report with charts
  • Increased on-location transactions by an average of 15%.
  • 1/3 of all customers are now loyalty members .
  • The ability to measure ROI of every marketing dollar spent.
  • Created several new revenue streams via in app ordering, ecommerce, gift card and event ticketing.

  • A streamlined platform to  communicate with customers
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